About us

We are an innovative interdisciplinary team.

EMtonic is a professional design agency, located in Timisoara, in the Western part of Romania.

We supply a wide range of high quality graphic design services (logo design, corporate identity, brochure design, application skins), professional web design services (including web site search engine optimization - SEO and online marketing), web development, Flash multimedia and web site hosting.

We are creative, as we love what we are doing, we value our clients, as we find ourselves as part of their image. We use our design skills and functionality concern, updated to the latest technical requirements, so that the solutions we offer are the proper ones for each and every target.

We design, structure and develop all the needed solutions allowing your branding, marketing and managing tools to efficiently function as one: identity systems, interactive design and printed matter.

We focus on developing logical, meaningful solutions, in which design and information work harmoniously to achieve a consistent experience that is accessible, adaptable and manageable among all your communication efforts.